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Bidrrr is an evolutionary-transactional based platform engineered specifically for the purpose of institutional clients, real estate agents and contractors to bid and manage the repair process from infancy through completion.

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In today's environment, obtaining independant third party bids is a non-transparent process that costs clients significant dollars and impacts their bottom-line recovery.

In addition, the process unnecessarily overburdens the agents who are forced to locate multiple contractors, continually follow-up, and to ultimately track the bid cycle from beginning to end.

A Streamlined Process

Bidrrr streamlines the entire process and saves all parties significant dollars and time through:

Eliminates repetitive phone calls

Ensuring equal opportunity for insured contractors to bid and compete for business

Ensures transparency through the cycle for the client, agent, and contractor

Improve bid turn times

Mitigate collusion between parties

Reduces the likelihood of fraudulent bids

Improves quality control

Improves communication

Institutions & Asset Management Companies

  • Controls Renovation Cost
  • Improves Cycle Time
  • Enhances Transparency
  • Provides Access to Market Intelligence Analytics
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For Agents

  • Saves Time
  • Improves Visibility
  • Improves Communications and Collaboration
  • Enhances Productivity
  • Focus More Energy on Selling & Marketing Homes
  • Reduces Overhead
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For Contractors

  • Levels the Playing Field
  • Increases Opportunities
  • Improves Win/Loss Ratio Through Analytics
  • Streamline Communications and Collaborations
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Bidrrr enhances the process to repair, renovate and ultimately resale homes.